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Opera Sing-a-Long

Opera Sing-a-Long
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It is said that the role of Thäis in Jules Massenet’s opera of the same name is “notoriously difficult to sing and is reserved for only the most gifted performers.” It’s also been called a “diva spectacle”¹. An opera company does not decide to mount a production of Massenet’s Thäis and then look for a […]

A License Plate for the Arts

A License Plate for the Arts

The drive: sell one million ARTSPL8 license plates. The goal: to generate $40 million every year for “arts education and local arts programs for children, schools, and communities—in every county across the entire state” of California. The program: “Create a State: the Million Plates Drive.” This is the marketing campaign “conceived, designed, and produced” by […]


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