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Isidore’s E-Waste Collection

Isidore’s E-Waste Collection
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Don’t know what to do with that outdated cell phone; Dad’s old Dell PC; the half a dozen chargers that no longer fit any device in your home; or need to unload that clunky, seemingly 350-pound CRT TV embarrassment that you can’t wait to replace with an ultra HD 4K, 55-inch LED? Well, you’re in luck. […]

E-Waste In, Energizer Bunny Out

E-Waste In, Energizer Bunny Out

With plug-in devices and rechargeable batteries, the Energizer Bunny may be meeting his end. But don’t trash those old-school AAs, allowing their chemicals to seep into the soil. Gather all your obsolete electronics (computers, stereos, clock radios, etc.) and bring them to the E-Waste Collection on Saturday, November 13.  It is free of charge and […]


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