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David Kipen at Literary Fest & Tree Lighting

David Kipen at Literary Fest & Tree Lighting
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The holidays and literature seem to go hand-in-hand, so rather than ringing in the season with only the flick of a switch to “light” the Christmas tree, Allendale Public Library is adding a literary angle to the event. David Kipen, proprietor of Libros Schmibros¬†(a lending Library and used bookshop) in Mariachi Plaza and book correspondent […]

Literary Festival Hits Pasadena

Literary Festival Hits Pasadena

As home to one of the county’s best bookstores and many accomplished writers, Pasadena has always been a literary place. But it’s never had a literary event of its own, until last Saturday’s Pasadena Literary Festival of Women Authors, which took place at the Pasadena Senior Center. As typically happens with such productions, the idea […]


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