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Primal Holiday: Music of the Human Spirit

Primal Holiday: Music of the Human Spirit
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Despite the frantic scheduling and the hustle and stress, the holidays are a time of reflection, good wishes, and gratitude. The heart-wrenching and hate-fueled events in Paris only solidify the necessity for these observances this holiday season. On December 12, the Angeles Chorale presents “Primal Instincts: Music of the Human Spirit” and perhaps an evening […]

Holiday Concerts Galore

Holiday Concerts Galore

Can we split ourselves in two? Maybe into quarters? The weekend of December 14th abounds with holiday concerts and we’re here to break them down, so that you may distinguish, choose, buy tickets (where applicable), and mark your calendar. Pasadena Symphony & Pops Grant Cooper conducts the L.A. Children’s Chorus, L.A. Bronze (Handbell Choir), The […]


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