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Pasadena Int’l Film Festival: Year 2

Pasadena Int’l Film Festival: Year 2
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Executive Director/Founder Jessica Hardin and Creative Director/Co-Founder Marco Neves are looking to fill a void. We would add, not just to fill a void but to provide a full-service, varied, distinctive experience. The Pasadena International Film Festival is not just a series of short and feature films reflecting various genres, stories, and skills, but taps […]

United Nations Assoc. Film Fest

United Nations Assoc. Film Fest

  Girl Rising has been described as encompassing “stunning cinematography matched with intelligent, almost poetic, monologues” ( Nine girls from nine developing nations. All of them struggling with poverty, inflexible cultures, and incessant obstacles. Girls Rising was launched by Intel Philippines one year ago with the desire to illustrate “the inspiring transformation that happens to […]


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