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Sings for Supper: The Blue Plate Special

Sings for Supper: The Blue Plate Special
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It’s an interesting combo: jazz and jokes. Performances à la carte hosts an evening of music and comedy on Tuesday, February 5th, featuring singers Carla Jaime Perez and Afton Hefley, plus vibes man Nick Mancini and comedian Nick Omana. “A blue plate special is generally comfort food,” says Perez. “Perfect for tougher, more challenging times like […]

For the Holidays: Jordi & CO

For the Holidays: Jordi & CO

Thinking about the holidays can elicit images of easy laughter, loving hugs, good wine, and delicious food. It can also create heartburn, knots in your shoulders, and the desire to retire to bed at 10 a.m. One possible “out” for the latter would be to hire yourself a holiday decorator and party planner. This month’s […]


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