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Pasadena Confidential 2014

Pasadena Confidential 2014
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The Crown City masquerades as a calm and refined retreat, where well-bred ladies glide around their perfect bungalows and everyone knows what fork to use first. But don’t be fooled by appearances. Dip into the confidential files of old Pasadena and meet assassins and oddballs, kidnappers and slashers, Satanists and all┬ámanner of maniac in a […]

Esotouric’s Pasadena Confidential

Esotouric’s Pasadena Confidential

A wife screams through the phone, “If you hang up on me, I’m going to kill myself.” The husband does not hang up, but a severe storm cuts the phone lines. The husband tells a friend, “I think my wife just committed suicide.” Such is the one of many story lines in the life of […]


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