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Claud & Co. Eatery

Claud & Co. Eatery
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Noir Food & Wine. Claud & Co. Catering. Why another endeavor? Why Claud & Co. Eatery? “Because I’m crazy,” Chef Claud Beltran replies matter-of-factly. He smiles. “It was either that or make it into a storage room for the catering company. So, why not?” We ask more questions. He answers easily, looks relaxed, not making […]

Top Chef… Pasadena?

Top Chef… Pasadena?

I love Pasadena, I really do. But let’s be honest — it is not considered one of the country’s best food towns. (Now, San Gabriel, that’s another story.) We have plenty of good places to eat, but we don’t have destination restaurants. But now we have a Top Chef, or at least one who’s climbing […]


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