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Ulla’s Birds

Ulla’s Birds
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By the abundance of art that Ulla Anobile creates, she must be working every nanosecond of the day. Whether it be devils in felt, masks from pieces of driftwood, her interpretation of The Magi (“Three Shamans Follow a Star”), or a paper mache family of owls—with two sleepy-looking home-schooled young’uns—perched on a branch, her work is engaging, […]

Thick & Thin by Luis Ituarte

Thick & Thin by Luis Ituarte

Officially, the exhibit of Luis Ituarte‘s new works is called “Alambriques y Alambrones.” For those of us not that advanced in Spanish, this is translated as “Thin and Thick Wires.” Luis Ituarte was born in Tijuana in 1942. After attending law school and art school, he was “involved in the 1968 student movement (Tlaltelolco), which […]


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