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Make a Day of the Dead Altar @ Ave. 50 Studio

Make a Day of the Dead Altar @ Ave. 50 Studio
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Candles are lit to welcome the spirit back. Marigolds or cempasĂșchitl symbolize death but their strong fragrance “also help lead the dead back.” Salt represents the continuance of life. Pan de muerto is a symbol of the departed. A glass of water is offered as souls are thirsty “after their long journey from the Other […]

Holiday Paper Flower Workshop

Holiday Paper Flower Workshop

She’s been in Mexico City teaching at MUAC. She’s about to head off to Nottingham, England “where she will be collaborating with fashion students on a paper fashion show and installation. But on Saturday, November 30th, you can catch Patssi Valdez‘ workshop and learn the craft of making holiday paper flowers. Valdez is a founding […]


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