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Pasadena’s Progressive Spirit Began With Abolitionist Pioneers

Pasadena’s Progressive Spirit Began With Abolitionist Pioneers
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Awhile back, we wrote about abolitionist John Brown’s three children and son-in-law, who settled in Pasadena in the 1880s. Though certainly the most famous, they were far from being the only abolitionists in early Pasadena; nor were they the only ones with connections to John Brown. The city’s ties to the pre-Civil War antislavery movement were […]

Pasadena’s Abolitionist Heritage

Pasadena’s Abolitionist Heritage

One of the casualties of the recent Station Fire was a serene peak in the Altadena foothills known as Little Round Top. Named for the site of a decisive Union victory in the Civil War, it is also the gravesite of one of the unsung heroes of the abolitionist movement. Owen Brown, son of radical […]


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