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Cool-Weather Picnic Spots

Cool-Weather Picnic Spots
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Mild winters were what once drew frost-bitten vacationers from the Midwest and East Coast to Pasadena. People as diverse as Henry Ford and John Muir chose to spend their winters here, rather than freezing their behinds off back home. Sunny days in December are something we at Hometown Pasadena appreciate, too. So while others are […]

Night Hikes to Henninger Flats

Night Hikes to Henninger Flats

Supposedly, nature is good for you. Maybe, maybe not. But it’s certainly pleasant, often verging on beautiful. We could all use a little more nature. So what better way to start off the new year than with a twice-monthly night hike up to Henninger Flats, a small hanging basin about three miles up the Mt. […]


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