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On the Air With Off-Ramp at KPCC’s New Digs

On the Air With Off-Ramp at KPCC’s New Digs
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Yesterday I got a tour of KPCC‘s commodious new headquarters on Raymond, conveniently located across the street from Jones Coffee, near Del Mar Station, and just up the street from Prospect Park‘s world headquarters. It’s a wonderful building, modern and light-filled and airy, with studios galore, a vast office space for on-air talent (said hi […]

Off-Ramp: The Radio Show

Off-Ramp: The Radio Show

Forgive the self-promotion, but we must report that Colleen Dunn Bates, editor of EAT: Los Angeles and Hometown Pasadena, will be on John Rabe’s show Off-Ramp on KPCC this weekend, talking a little about the new 2010 edition of EAT: Los Angeles, but more about the hows and whys of what we eat. Off-Ramp, a […]


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