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Ellen Snortland & Gloria Gartz

Ellen Snortland & Gloria Gartz
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The Women’s City Club of Pasadena was founded 70 years ago by Gloria Gartz who also donated the historic Blinn House to the cause. Gloria Gartz proved herself to be a catalyst of community contributions in Southern California, in particular in the Pasadena community. Ms. Gartz, was an Altadena native, daughter to A.F. Gartz, a […]

Now That She’s Gone

Now That She’s Gone

The Coffee Gallery in Altadena is busy on this Saturday afternoon, filled with the young, middle-aged, and beyond; with Latinos, African Americans, and Caucasians; with mismatching tables and chairs. I like it. I buy a Hammerhead—a shot of espresso that can be mixed with coffee, which does rather jolt me awake after a morning of […]


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