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Our Wild Wind Event: Updated All Day

Our Wild Wind Event: Updated All Day
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The Pasadena and Foothills area was slammed by winds overnight and daybreak delivered the expected mayhem – power outages, fallen trees, downed power lines and structure fires… and there’s more coming tonight. Make yourself another cup of coffee and do the city a favor—stay off the streets today. All local schools are closed; see list […]

Three Cheers for Hyperlocal!

Three Cheers for Hyperlocal!

“Hyperlocal” is one of the buzz words du jour, the new hope of battered journalism everywhere. We’re doing it here in Pasadena for arts, community, culture and food; Altadenablog is doing it with real hometown devotion in Altadena; and now comes Alhambra Source, a most impressive new site. In fact, it’s the most impressive hyperlocal […]


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