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Jacqueline Winspear Comments

Jacqueline Winspear Comments
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One thing we love about writing and publishing Hometown Pasadena is that we read in order to write book reviews. Since reading is one of our favorite pastimes and a perfect vehicle for endless procrastination (which legitimately can be labeled “work”), we snapped up Jacqueline Winspear‘s new novel The Care and Management of Lies, headed straight to Vroman’s […]

Strawberry Yellow: A Mas Arai Mystery

Strawberry Yellow: A Mas Arai Mystery

Strawberry Yellow (excerpt) by Naomi Hirahara   Shug Arai didn’t have any shoulders, or at least it looked like he didn’t have any. So when Mas Arai peered into the statin-lined casket to gaze at the body of his second cousin, one of the few relatives that he had in the United States, he was […]


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