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Opera, Anyone?

Opera, Anyone?
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Opera is coming to Pasadena. Firstly, Caltech engineering and literature graduate, JPL summer research fellow, pianist, vocal coach, music director, and conductor Dana Sadava. Secondly, Professor of Sciences and Humanities at San Francsico Conservatory of Music, cognitive neuroscience affiliate at USC’s Memory and Aging Center, and working soprano Dr. Indre Viskontas. Jointly, these two women […]

Zhena Folk Chorus

Zhena Folk Chorus

A Zhena concert is a complete village experience‚Ķ Zhena means “woman” or “wife” in Slavic languages and these women of Zhena, based out of San Pedro, have dedicated themselves to preserving and presenting the folk songs of Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine. Story-like narratives and colorful authentic costumes are […]


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