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Discover Mozart’s Requiem

Discover Mozart’s Requiem
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Anonymous messengers and laying false claims—the story of Mozart’s Requiem is the stuff of intrigue, though much of it appears to be misconception thanks to Hollywood. In reality, Mozart was not poisoned and driven mad by the Italian composer, conductor, and teacher Antonio Salieri, as was so brilliantly conceived in the film Amadeus. Rather Mozart […]

“Life of Mozart” with the Pasadena Master Chorale

“Life of Mozart” with the Pasadena Master Chorale

Mozart died before finishing his Requiem, one of those ironies that meet at the intersection of the personal and the historical and are ripe for good storytelling. This story well get a more documentary telling this Saturday, as the Pasadena Master Chorale performs portions of the Requiem (only those Mozart himself wrote) interwoven with readings […]


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