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A Better Life Rings True

A Better Life Rings True
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“Teacher, why are you showing me such a sad movie? I’m gonna cry all day.” “Miss, I’d kill to have a father like that!” Sometimes I strike gold while watching a film with my students. It happened last week when we saw the summer 2011 independent filmĀ A Better Life, directed by Chris Weitz. It’s my […]

Pssst! Word of Mouth! Go See Terri

Pssst! Word of Mouth! Go See Terri

Terri is an intimate, autumnal-lit film about an overweight high school boy and his unexpected relationship with his assistant principal, Mr. Fitzgerald. Though we locals can sense that the movie was filmed right under our noses, the location is meant to be a woodsy Anywhere, USA. The players are Everyman. Their situation is both heart-rending […]


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