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Pics from La Casita del Arroyo

Pics from La Casita del Arroyo
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It’s rounding toward 6 o’clock on a Friday¬†afternoon, the mugginess of the day revealed¬†by my shirt sticking to my skin in various places, too many places, almost to the point of making movement restricted. A feeling of continuous moistness on my skin, the feeling of sweat and a day’s amount of dirt clinging to my […]

Mystery History No. 9

Mystery History No. 9

What is this? And where are we? In this photo, former Pasadena City Manager Phil Hawkey emerges on the “bridge” at City Hall as Hawkman during a Halloween event for city employess on October 27, 1994. Hawkman stood for truth in government, justice for all employees, and the Pasadena Way. Every year, Phil (aided by […]


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