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Curiosity Lands on Mars!

Curiosity Lands on Mars!
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The target was Gale Crater (a mere 94 miles wide). Fourteen minutes after the 1-ton spacecraft Curiosity touched down on Mars’ surface, a radio telescope in Australia picked up the “text message” from the orbiting Mars Odyssey satellite and Australia sent it on to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory here in Pasadena. On receiving two thumbnail […]

Landing on Mars

Landing on Mars

It’s happening. Right now (and tomorrow). The Curiosity rover hits Martian space at 13,000 mph—154 million years from earth—but will be braking and landing on the planet “with the grace and lightness of a feather.” The Planetary Society is offering a weekend of complete immersion in everything space at the Pasadena Convention Center that includes […]


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