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Make Evergreen Wreaths with Fresh Flowers

Make Evergreen Wreaths with Fresh Flowers
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Want the holiday wreath on your front door to be your work of art this season? On Saturday, December 13th, The Huntington welcomes guests to build a wreath from scratch, as well as “deconstructing a ready-made wreath and embellishing it with ornaments, fresh flowers, berries, and branches.” We remember when our mom made homemade wreaths—the […]

Make a Wreath!

Make a Wreath!

We’ve taken down the spider that splayed across the front door and are trying to find last year’s bunch of Indian Corn as we enter the season of giving thanks. Soon, it shall be the days of Christmas, Hanukah, Kwaanza, and winter solstice. Wreaths will start adorning our homes; some will be dried, or made […]


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