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Eating the Rose Bowl: The L.A. Street Food Festival

Eating the Rose Bowl: The L.A. Street Food Festival
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Los Angeles, you may have heard, is in the midst of a love affair with the food truck. The most recent episode in this fling—if it can still be called that—was last Saturday at the Rose Bowl, where a sold-out crowd of 5,000, including yours truly, showed up for the Los Angeles Street Food Festival’s […]

L.A. Street Food Festival

L.A. Street Food Festival

This one’s going to be at our own Rose Bowl, and it’s set to be a doozy. Why? Two words: crowd control. The Festival‘s previous iteration, like basically every other major street food event since the food truck renaissance began, was a zoo. Huge crowds and long lines, besides being unpleasant in and of themselves, […]


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