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Seed Bakery

Seed Bakery
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It all started with Joseph who was born in a barn. Next to a wheat field. Who grew up to mill whole grains, Ferment, And bake bread.   Though inexpertly poetic, the above intro is not entirely true┬╣, but it’s humorous, and we like funny. And we like good, lovingly made homemade bread. We actually […]

Grist & Toll for the Holidays

Grist & Toll for the Holidays

Grist: grain that is ground to make flour. Toll: origin, Old English, denoting a charge, tax, or duty. Paying a tribute, compensation. Grain is milled into flour. In bygone days, the miller was aloud a “toll” or percentage of the final product as payment for his work. Grist & Toll on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena […]


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