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Literary Pasadena at Vroman’s

Literary Pasadena at Vroman’s
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Local authors Jim Krusoe, Rachel Harper, Denise Hamilton, Scott O’Connor and editor Patricia O’Sullivan will be at Vroman’s tonight to read, sip wine, and spread the word about Prospect Park Books’ new Literary Pasadena: The Fiction Edition. This literary journal has been produced as a companion to LitFest Pasadena (May 11, 2013 in Central Park) […]

“Parsifal” & “On Canaan’s Side”

“Parsifal” & “On Canaan’s Side”

Parsifal by Jim Krusoe If you have a taste for the surreal, a wry, dark sense of humor that might not be getting enough exercise, and a high tolerance for ambiguity, check out South Pasadena‚Äôs own Jim Krusoe. His latest novel, Parsifal, is as cagey and laugh-out-loud funny as his previous books. Cagey: What exactly […]


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