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Spirit & Stone

Spirit & Stone
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Artist and designer Louise Wannier states, “I am fascinated by observing patterns, noticing how light interacts with both nature and our dynamic urban landscapes.…Lately I have become captivated by the presence of abstract patterns within both natural and manmade objects and structures, and noticing that some can be revisited whilst others are only present in […]

Goya’s Rare Prints

Goya’s Rare Prints

From royal portraiture to scenes in a bullring, Spanish artist Francisco de Goya y Lucientes infused his keen vision of the observed world with his own creative impulses. This delicate dance is visible throughout Goya’s incredible output of prints. While the majority were published posthumously, Unflinching Vision: Goya’s Rare Prints presents a selection of works that Goya […]


Flintridge Books

Colorado Street Bridge Party

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