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Whoop & Alley-Oop with the Four Preps

Whoop & Alley-Oop with the Four Preps
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Though the band began with Bruce, Glen, Ed, and Marvin and now consists of Bruce, Bob, Skip, and Michael, The Four Preps still harmonize and comprise a vocal quartet that will erase—momentarily—all images of twerking or the contemporary sounds that some folks of a particular age and era may have a hard time acknowledging as music. The […]

Souhail Kaspar at the Levitt

Souhail Kaspar at the Levitt

Every week, there are several musical acts playing at the Levitt that are worthy of a recommendation. Even in weeks when we’re only highlighting one artist, like this week, there are probably others worth checking out. We won’t mention them, because then we wouldn’t exactly be highlighting anybody, now would we? This week the honor […]


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