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Brick Fest Live

Brick Fest Live
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 Trucks, houses, cities, spaceships, candy, dinosaurs, warriors, and skyscrapers. Whatever can be imagined, can be made out of Legos. And for the Lego enthusiast, part-time player, or committed fanatic, Brick Fest Live is a Llego-lovers dream. Brick Fest Live claims to have the largest Lego variety under one roof: Brick Warriors, West End Toys, Minifigfx, […]

Winter Wonderland Lego Camp

Winter Wonderland Lego Camp

What would your child create with access to over 100,000 legos? Play-Well TEKnologies is presiding over a Winter Wonderland Lego Camp beginning Monday, December 30th and continuing through January 3rd. Apply engineering, architecture, and creativity to…build motorized contraptions like snowmobiles, gondolas, and more. Morning hours are reserved for 5- to 6-year-olds, while the 1-4 p.m. […]


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