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Chef LQ & More at Vertical

Chef LQ & More at Vertical
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Quietly, with few people noticing, one of L.A.’s most exciting and innovative chefs has taken residence in Pasadena. His name is Laurent Quenioux, and some of you no doubt tried his food back when he ran the on-the-edge (for Pasadena) Bistro K in South Pasadena. Next came the chic Bistro LQ in L.A., which didn’t […]

Sunday Cassoulet at Vertical

Sunday Cassoulet at Vertical

If you follow the Pasadena restaurant scene, you probably know by now that Laurent Quenioux, currently of Bistro LQ and formerly of Bistro K, has taken over the kitchen at yet another bistro: Vertical. Quenioux is something of a wild man in the kitchen—eel sliders, anyone?—so it will be interesting to see how much autonomy […]


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