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Gaon Authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant

Gaon Authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant
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I’m no authority on Korean food, but usually the words “Korean BBQ” entail a table-top grill on which customers cook their own meats—an ingenious form of culinary outsourcing. Gaon has no such grills, though one dish was served on a sizzling hot plate set over a dish of flammable pink jelly. But no temperature dials, […]

Kogi BBQ: Are You Experienced?

Kogi BBQ: Are You Experienced?

On Friday night Kogi came to town, and hundreds of hungry night owls showed up to celebrate the occasion. Haven’t heard of Kogi? You’re not alone. Ask most Pasadenans if they’ve experienced the Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck, and they’ll likely respond with a confused stare and a muttered, “Wait… Korean… tacos?” Yes. The Kogi BBQ […]


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