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Best in Show: The California Classic

Best in Show: The California Classic
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Anita had a fancy for bulldogs and Airedales. In 1908, Anita Baldwin, daughter of E. J. “Lucky” Baldwin and resident of Sierra Madre, founded the then Crown City Kennel Club, “envisioning for the west coast a dog club of the stature of the Westminster Club in the east.” Today, the Kennel Club of Pasadena is […]

Fido? He’s a Beauty.

Fido? He’s a Beauty.

Fido. Trixie. Bear. Obediah. Standard, funny, nonsensical, and sometimes just plain odd are the names we bestow upon our pets. One of our favorites is for a black Labarador; she answers to the name of Oyster. Whatever their moniker, breed, or pedigree, bring them—one and all—to this Saturday’s Pet Beauty Contest. At One Colorado, owners […]


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