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Among the Missing: David Pritchard

Among the Missing: David Pritchard
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He began as a jazz/rock guy touring Europe with the Gary Burton Quartet in 1969. Through the decades and over many “albums,” Pasadena native David Pritchard has evolved and refined his talent. According to a review in Textura, Pritchard shifted to a “more classically influenced acoustic style” that was then “splendidly documented on Among the […]

PMCA’s LAYER Artists Talk to KCRW

PMCA’s LAYER Artists Talk to KCRW

We wrote a little about PMCA’s current installation, Layer: A Loose Horizon, when it opened back at the start of June. It’s about space and perception and… the perception of space. Not as terrible a description as you might think. Still pretty bad, though. For a much less terrible account of Layer, come to the PMCA this Saturday to join […]


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