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June Wayne: Finding the Proper Context

June Wayne: Finding the Proper Context
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She was a high school drop out, began work at a factory at the age of fifteen, and, by her own admission, said in regards to standards of art: “I didn’t have any.” Many articles about June Wayne (1918-2011) state that she dropped out of high school because she wanted to become an artist. After reading Betty […]

Bon à Tirer ❘ Good to Go

Bon à Tirer ❘ Good to Go

“In my mind, lithography has been linked to the great white whooping crane,” wrote painter and printmaker June Wayne in a 1990 essay. “In all the world there were only 36 cranes left, and in the United States there were no master printers able to work with the creative spectrum of our artists. The artist-lithographers, like […]


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