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Backyard Chickens & Bees

Backyard Chickens & Bees
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Feel like your mornings are a bit mundane? Nothing to really pull you out of bed in the morning? How about rising to the cluck, cluck of your own backyard chickens? Envision the adventure—the steely nerves!—of having your own backyard beehive and harvesting your own honey? These and many other questions will be answered by […]

Leigh Adams’s Dry-Garden Paradise

Leigh Adams’s Dry-Garden Paradise

What a wonderful story by Emily Green in today’s Los Angeles Times about Altadenan Leigh Adams’s dry garden. We at Hometown Pasadena have known Leigh for years—she taught most of our kids Spanish and the art of gourd painting at Sequoyah School—and have watched in awe as she’s continued to grow as an artist and […]


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