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Descanso Japanese Garden Fest

Descanso Japanese Garden Fest
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Celebrate the Land of the Rising Sun. The Descanso Gardens celebrates all things Japanese this weekend with flower arranging, traditional cuisine, music, and Taiko drummers. Ikebana is the art of flower arranging, emphasizing creative expression, intention, minimalism, and focusing on stems and leaves to draw attention to shape, line, and form. The Sogetsu School of […]

Cosmic Thunder: Taiko Drumming

Cosmic Thunder: Taiko Drumming

Taiko is “drum” in Japanenese—“great drum” or “wide drum” specifically, though the word is now used to refer to several different Japanese drums. Taiko have been around since the Yayoi Period (300 B.C.E. – 300 C.E.), and they play an important role in Gagaku, one of the oldest styles of court music still in existence […]


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