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One Night With Janis Joplin

One Night With Janis Joplin
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The Pasadena Playhouse presented the powerhouse production of One Night With Janis Joplin, and after parking carefully, grabbing a drink at the new Red White and Bluez restaurant relocation next door, theatergoers immersed themselves into the energy of the show. Mary Bridget Davies captures the title role and for more than two hours, the playhouse […]

“Shamrock-N-Roll” at The Playhouse

“Shamrock-N-Roll” at The Playhouse

“SHAMROCK-N-ROLL at The Playhouse” will be the official concert event this St. Patrick’s Day (Sunday, March 17th) to celebrate the opening of One Night with Janis Joplin. An outdoor stage at The Pasadena Playhouse will feature Dread Zeppelin, Cerny Brothers, Shillaly Brothers, and Aquarius—all free concerts. The Cherry Boom Boom dancers will be doing their […]


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