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From Oenology to Criminology

From Oenology to Criminology
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Northern California may be renowned for its vintages, but the state’s wine industry “actually was born near El Pueblo de Los Angeles.” Whatever one’s feelings may be about the Spanish missionaries, we must thank them for planting, nurturing, and then in 1782 harvesting their first vintage at Mission San Juan Capistrano. Vineyards were cultivated at […]

James Ellroy at Vroman’s

James Ellroy at Vroman’s

James Ellroy, the “Demon Dog of American crime fiction,” the self-proclaimed “greatest crime novelist who ever lived” (“to the crime novel what Beethoven is to music!”) has a new one out, a memoir, The Hilliker Curse, exploring his own troubled past: his parents’ divorce, his mother’s murder, drug abuse, depression—a regular Thursday evening at Vroman’s, […]


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