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Photograph in the Studio

Photograph in the Studio
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Photograph in the Studio by Jacqueline Tchakalian There’s a black, sticky spot on the photograph of my husband. Shadows of branch, lattice work, pattern his shirt. Half his face glows in late after- noon sun, the other half darkens in its own shade. There were three of us that day: ¬†Father, mother, daughter. We had […]

Red Hens at Flintridge

Red Hens at Flintridge

Austin Straus is a painter, teacher, speaker, and former host of KPFK’s The Poetry Connexion. His first two poetry collections, Drunk with Light and Intensifications, are described as “fabulous” and continuing “his autobiographical and philosophical explorations of self-in-the-world.” Now, Pasadena’s own Red Hen Press has just published perhaps his most intimate work, The Love Project: […]


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