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Contessa’s Tagliatelle

Contessa’s Tagliatelle
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Homemade pasta, house-made pasta, fresh pasta; it’s all the rage. Extra virgin olive oil is de rigeur. But there’s “homemade” and then there’s pasta and oil rich with history, passion, know-how, quality soil, and personality—with terroir. Such is the world of pasta and olive oil when one steps into Contessa Collections on South Lake in […]

Trattoria Neapolis

Trattoria Neapolis

An Untraditional Review for an Untraditional Restaurant Though the word trattoria means small family restaurant in Italian, this space is anything but. And though Neapolis is Greek for Naples—perhaps hinting at the fusion of California cuisine and traditional Italian cuisine—this reviewer honestly cannot say because she wasn’t able to ever get a hold of the […]


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