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A Former Fair Oaks Jazz Club – Shrouded in Mystery

A Former Fair Oaks Jazz Club – Shrouded in Mystery
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The Club Onyx, at 109 S. Fair Oaks Avenue, was a jazz and blues venue in the black-owned Hotel Carver, once part of the historic Doty Block and still standing today across from the Hotel Green.¬†Accounts vary as to what part of the building the club occupied, but it was either on the first floor […]

A Very Punny Mystery (Resolved)

A Very Punny Mystery (Resolved)

It was one of those uniquely Pasadena landmarks when I was growing up. For most of my childhood, it simply read: “said T.E. Lawrence picking up his fork.”¬†Located on the side of an 1880s-era brick building on Fair Oaks known as the Hotel Carver, it was an odd bit of dada graffiti. Everyone in town […]


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