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Dog Haus Dogs

Dog Haus Dogs
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The first decision is fingers or fork, because we can tell just by looking at them that this is going to get messy. (Which is probably why a package of Uline Kraft Single-Fold towels are sitting in a cardboard box on every table.) We’re sampling dogs at the Dog Haus on Main Street in Alhambra. […]

Dog Haus: A Review? Or: Lunch with Abe Froman

Dog Haus: A Review? Or: Lunch with Abe Froman

Los Angeles is no stranger to fine purveyors of encased meats. There’s Pink’s, of course, and Dodger Dogs, and Vicious Dogs, and The Stand and Wurstküche* and several others discussed at length on Off-Ramp with John Rabe, Kevin Ferguson, and the esteemed Colleen Dunn Bates. Right here in Pasadena there’s Slaw Dogs, and Big City […]


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