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Dog Haus: A Review? Or: Lunch with Abe Froman

Dog Haus: A Review? Or: Lunch with Abe Froman
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Los Angeles is no stranger to fine purveyors of encased meats. There’s Pink’s, of course, and Dodger Dogs, and Vicious Dogs, and The Stand and Wurstküche* and several others discussed at length on Off-Ramp with John Rabe, Kevin Ferguson, and the esteemed Colleen Dunn Bates. Right here in Pasadena there’s Slaw Dogs, and Big City […]

Slaw Dogs: The Review

Slaw Dogs: The Review

Ten months and 3,000 miles ago, I was privy to an outrageous culinary experiment. In a fit of lunacy, my fellow diners at BLT Burger attempted to combine a corn dog with ice cream. What name was given to this deranged concoction, you ask? The Dogcream. It was pretty good. Someday, perhaps, it will be […]


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