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Homesteading in the Year 2012

Homesteading in the Year 2012
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You say “homesteading” and people imagine the 19th century and wagon trains; families venturing west, battling weather, illness, transportation break-downs, and dwindling supplies as they head to unknown territory to set down new roots and live off the land. And then, some people simply say, “What’s homesteading again?” Homesteading in this year 2012 can be […]

How About Suburban Homesteading?

How About Suburban Homesteading?

It’s been oh so entertaining to follow the national kerfuffle around Pasadena’s Dervaes family and their announcement that they have trademarked the terms “urban homestead” and “urban homesteading” and that they intend to legally enforce said trademarks. This came, of course, as a great surprise to the nationally known authors (and nearby Silver Lake residents) […]


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