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Pasadena Collections

Pasadena Collections
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The Pasadena Museum of History may seem small, petite, and quaint, yet inside is chock full of historical wealth. The fun of treasure is the idea of the unimaginable and the invaluable, and what PMH holds within its walls is nothing short of priceless. Besides periodic exhibits such as the current “Fabulous Fashions,” PMH has […]

Riding the Birds in South Pas

Riding the Birds in South Pas

The South Pasadena Public Library staff has spent years digitalizing historical photos of this small town, south of big sister Pasadena, which are now on view to the public at Online Archive California. Perusing a few of the pics, we came across the picture to the right… The Cawston Ostrich Farm was located in the […]


Flintridge Books

Colorado Street Bridge Party

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