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Karol Franks: Iconic Pasadena

Karol Franks: Iconic Pasadena
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  Karol Franks sees the world anew every day. Luckily, she captures and shares what she sees… so we can enjoy, revel, marvel, and smile. Here is some of our most classic, historical, and iconic architecture, declaring to all the world, “This is Pasadena!”                 View more photography by Karol Franks in […]

Is the Rialto Finally Getting Its Makeover?

Is the Rialto Finally Getting Its Makeover?

We were stopping along Fair Oaks Avenue near Oxley Street in South Pasadena to get some duplicate keys made. Despite seeing the plastic clock sign that hung inside the door with the hands turned to fifteen minutes into the future, our mind didn’t actually register this straightforward message until we clicked on the door handle […]


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