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Castle Green Spring Tour

Castle Green Spring Tour
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Tim Burton lived there. Charles White had his studio in the cupola of the bridge. Marcel Duchamp lived there—he had a fountain installed in his apartment*. Now, other people live there: designers, musicians, artists, collectors, tinkers, tailors, soldiers, spies. You can live at the Castle Green, too, for a boatload of money. Or you can […]

Old Pasadena & Civic Center Architectural Walk

Old Pasadena & Civic Center Architectural Walk

This weekend’s architectural walk, which comes from the pages of Hometown Pasadena (the book), is a walk through Old Pasadena to the Civic Center. We’d recommend doing this walk first thing in the morning, before the shoppers and slow-walkers fill the sidewalks. Old Pasadena Historic District & Civic Center You’ll never stop locals from calling […]


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