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Repair at Pas. Humane Society

Repair at Pas. Humane Society
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Tinkers and tailors, experts and the hobbyist. Repair Cafe. Do you have a faulty toaster or a blender that screeches instead of purées? Have a favorite necklace that’s broken clasp keeps it trapped despondently in your jewelry box? Do you grumble when you have to cut tomatoes, sawing back and forth with a dull knife on the fruit’s resistant […]

Hen’s Teeth & the Sidewalk Cafe

Hen’s Teeth & the Sidewalk Cafe

They started with a coffee cart and small business events. Kip had experience in the food and beverage industry. Bernard was a bartender. The third in the group, Ayo, was a photographer. But there weren’t a lot of coffeehouses in the area, so they opened Sidewalk Cafe at Woodbury and Los Robles, “where Pasadena and […]


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