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Heartbreak Cake

Heartbreak Cake
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“What are you daydreaming about?” “I’m thinking about cake. Big, multilayered cakes that are squeezed in between more layers of buttercream or chocolate ganache.” “How can you still be thinking about cake? I’ve had enough cake today to last me the week, if not more.” “How dare you,” I tease…   When Cindy Arora, author […]

The Art of the Muffin

The Art of the Muffin

I love reading cookbooks late at night oohing and ahhing over pictures of multi-layered cakes covered in homespun buttercream frosting and colorful sprinkles. It’s pastry porn and I love it. Fifty Shades of Cake Batter, right up in here. I have hundreds of saved recipes for  cakepops, confetti cakes, lattice pies, and berry tarts that I daydream of  making when I magically have time to […]


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