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Skeletal Horrors and Adorable Ghosts

Skeletal Horrors and Adorable Ghosts
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Roaming the streets this weekend before All Hallow’s Eve, we searched for decorations from the spine-tingling and grotesque to the bewitching and winsome. Maybe it’s the popularity of The Walking Dead, but many of the decorations floating around this year—tied from trees, eerily swinging and turning in the wind—are reminiscent of Crypt Keeper and The […]

South Pasadena Halloween Ghosts

South Pasadena Halloween Ghosts

We wandered some South Pasadena streets today and found a bunch of ghosts and skeletons—some kind of freaky, slightly disconcerting, and impressively creative. Then we found the cute, adorable, Caspar-like ghosts (thank goodness). But beware, come Wednesday evening, when the sun goes down and the strobe lights, fog machines, and sound effects come alive—then nothing […]


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