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Eat Like A Greek

Eat Like A Greek
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Now you may know soulvakia, gyros and moussaka, but what about pastistio, loukaniko, tiropites, or kourambiethes? Either way, it translates into Greek cuisine—in spades. This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Pasadena Greek Fest at the Santa Anita Race Track will offer Greek foods you know and love, and delicacies you definitely need to try. (Pastistio is the […]

The Pasadena Greek Fest

The Pasadena Greek Fest

What is it about Greece? Some people say it is, or was, a paradise of willful innocence, radiant with the charm of the archaic. We’re not quite as romantic as all that, though we do like Greek Weddings. And we love Greek food, which makes this weekend’s Pasadena Greek Fest a tempting outing indeed. Santa […]


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